Shackan Indian Band

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Shackan Indian Band - Water System Improvements Project 

Construction of the water system improvements project is now underway. The following are a few questions that you may have regarding the project along with answers: 

Q: Why is the water system being upgraded?

A: The existing wells need to be replaced to improve the reliability of the water system and provide safe drinking water to the community.

Q: How long will the construction take?

A: The work is expected to be finished by the end of February 2019.

Q: How will I be affected by the construction?

A: Most of the work will take place at the new well/pumphouse site located south-east of the existing nursery. The contractor will be installing some water pipes along the access road to the new pumphouse and along highway 8 from the pumphouse access road, underneath Skahun Creek and to the existing reservoirs. When the upgraded water system is ready to be activated, the water system will be temporarily shut down. This will likely take place in February, but everyone will be provided with notice of any water shutdowns at least 3 days before.

Q: What construction activities are planned for the near future?

A: Over the next couple weeks the contractor will be constructing the new pumphouse foundation and installing the water pipe within the pumphouse access road.

Q: Who can I contact for further information?

A: Heather Fader - 250-378-5410 or email heather.fader@shackan.ca


Water Line Upgrade is well underway - Progress photos below