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The Scw'exmx - People of the Creeks - is taken from the name of the Nicola River, Scw'ex, meaning creek. The Shackan Indian Band is one of five bands in the Nicola Valley who comprise the Scw'exmx. The five bands of the Nicola Tribes are: Coldwater Indian Band, Lower Nicola Indian Band, Upper Nicola Indian Band, Nooaitch Indian Band, and Shackan Indian Band. Together, the numbers of the 5 Nicola Tribes totals well over 3,000 individuals. All part of a proud, strong, thriving Indigenous Nation of the BC Interior.

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Flood Relief

On November.15,2021 at 8:00 am the Shackan Band Council issued a Declaration of State of Local Emergency to implement an evacuation order for Shackan Indian Band, IR#11 due to being advised of the imminent danger of the Merritt Atmospheric River Event. Within hours the community became a river and homes continue to be damaged by the high-water level's weeks after the initial storm. Unable to return home some members are currently living in a temporary work camp in Merritt.

At our organization, we aim at giving them the best kind of support as possible. This includes providing medicine, clothing, food, gas, while providing emotional support and encouragement to those families affected by this natural disaster. Therefore, we are asking you to  kindly donate any amounts so that we can realize our goal of helping the community through Your donation will be received with the warmest hearts. 

If you would like to communicate with us further regarding the flood relief, please don't hesitate to get in touch through 250-378-5410 or email Through dedication, determination, and focus, we believe we will continue impacting the lives of your community members positively. Thank you very much for your time.

Sincerely, Shackan Administration