Shackan Indian Band

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Notice to Community Members of an EVACUATION ORDER

On November 15, 2021 at 8:00 am the SHACKAN Band Council issued a Declaration of State of Local Emergency to implement an evacuation order for SHACKAN Indian Band, IR#11 due to being advised of the imminent danger of the Merritt Atmospheric River Event. 

Due to this risk, all community members and visitors within the area defined above are to evacuate via the designated evacuation routes. Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, other local police services of jurisdiction and/or agencies responsible for response will be expediting the evacuation of the identified area on behalf of the SHACKAN Band Council. 

All evacuees should:

  • Meet at the designated safe place;
  • Follow evacuation instructions and directions from the designated emergency management personnel identified to coordinate this evacuation;
  • Take their grab-and-go bags they prepared during the evacuation alert; and
  • Register with local Emergency Social Services and Reception Centre(s) located MacArthur Island, Kamloops, BC once safely outside the community. 

video here